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Who (Not) to Invite to Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Everyone wants to come to the wedding. You want (almost) everyone to come to the wedding. But sooner or later, you will have to get real, and edit your guest list.

Nearly every aspect of your wedding is based in part on how many, and which, guests you choose to invite. The size of your venue, the price of your catering, the expectations on your day of coordinator, and the time to complete your DIY crafts are all affected by your guest list.

When you are editing the guest list, agree ahead of time to a couple of guidelines:

- Are exes invited? Some say exes can stay friends; others say they just cause drama. Y'all decide on whether or not any of them are welcome on your romantic day.

- Are children welcome? Not all parties are child-friendly, and that may include your wedding. But people with kids tend to be rather attached to them, so be prepared for some backlash.

- How many guests is realistic? Do some quick research and math going in. If you intend to make a paper crane for each guest that will take 10 mins a piece... Be prepared when you invite 300 people to pay with 50 hours of your life. A hundred of anything is a lot - invite accordingly.

If you need to cut down on the number of guests, consider organizing them into social groups and then excluding entire groups. Could you cut out all work friends? Your bowling league buddies? The people from church? By excluding entire groups, you prevent hurting the feelings of any individuals.

Your wedding guests should consist of those you know and love, and those who you know love you. If you need to build up your guest list, consider asking your parents who they would like to have present. Your parents likely have friends who helped get them through the hard parts of raising you, who love you like their own child, and who would love to see your wedding day.

For more advice on editing your wedding guest list or pulling off your dream wedding day, contact me via email, text, phone, Instagram or Facebook!

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