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What to Include in an Emergency Wedding Kit

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This is where I would put a long introduction with my life's story and how each of the items on this list changed me emotionally. But I sense that you do not care about such a speech just now.

Suffice to say that each of these items has saved a wedding from a potential catastrophe. Especially if you choose not to have a Day of Coordinator to handle all the little emergencies, you will be glad to have your kit if (when) something goes wrong.

Without further ado, here is what you will need in your wedding day emergency kit.

For Wedding Emergencies:

- Bobby Pins

- Safety Pins

- Flower Pins (and any other pins you can think of)

- Hairspray or Gel

- Comb or Brush

- Clear Deodorant (white may not show on the dress, but it will on the tux)

- Spare set of Vows

- Spare Wedding Timeline

- Snacks and Water

- Bandages

- Lotion

- $20 Cash

For the Bride:

- Tissues

- Exact matches for all nail polish shades

- Makeup Essentials (foundation, mascara, powder, lipstick)

- Disposable Razor (oh, like you've never forgotten your big toes)

For the Groom:

- Hankie (tissue dust shows up on black)

- Lint Roller (for the tissue dust your mom got on you)

- Shaving Kit (Razor, Cream, Balm)

- Spare Tie and/or Pocket Square

- Spare Black* Socks and Belt

- Shoe Polish

For Destination Weddings:

- Map, with Venue and Hotel Marked

- Sunscreen

- Foreign Phrasebook

- Foreign Currency

All of these items and a few extras (just in case) are included in my personal wedding day emergency bag, which comes to all of my client weddings. That bag has saved the day several times, and I highly recommend that you prepare an emergency bag as well.

If you do not feel like it, contact me to purchase a ready-made wedding day emergency kit will all the essentials already included. I'll be more than happy to help ensure that your day goes off with only you and yours getting hitched.

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