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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

What Does a Day of Wedding Coordinator Do?

Essentially, a day of coordinator (DOC) is for any couple who wants to plan their own wedding, but wants a professional to pull it off.

This cooperation allows the couple to plan a unique wedding that reflects all of their personal tastes, then actually allows them to enjoy it as the DOC calls the shots.

The flexibility of this arrangement allows DOCs to work over a much larger area, take on more engagements (pun intended), and charge a lot less.

What Do You Actually DO?

The term "Day Of" Coordinator is something of a misnomer. My job does not begin or end with the wedding day.

I meet with each couple 2 - 6 months before their wedding, to get to know them and to advise them on achieving their vision.

Then, I stay in contact with both partners up until the big day to advise on vendor options, brainstorm decor and entertainment possibilities, and always give a few pep talks.

Two weeks before the event, I compose a detailed Wedding Day Plan that includes every vendor arrival, makeover hour, scheduled speech, and contingency plan.

In the week before the wedding, I contact each hired vendor included in this Plan and ensure they understand their responsibilities.

The day of the wedding, I hand out copies of the Plan to any person with a role to play.

My goal is to keep every individual on the same page and for that page to be the Wedding Day Plan.

On the Big Day

My day as a wedding coordinator lasts 14+ hours.

I arrive at the venue before anyone else.

With the Wedding Day Plan in hand, I direct parking, oversee decorating, and point vendors to their stations. After ensuring that each vendor has a copy of the Plan, I direct them all to their places on time and in order.

In a highly orchestrated wedding, every single song must play on schedule. That is why you need a director in the wings, to keep it all on script.

Even after the new couple has made their grand exit, I stay to ensure the safe transport of gifts, pass out gratuities, and oversee undecorating.

It is a very long day.

And... I love every minute of it.

I chose to be a wedding coordinator because it allows me to do everything that I love: Organize, give advice, go to weddings, and put on a show.

My job is to create what the nearlyweds have dreamed up, and I take so much joy in bringing each couple's vision to life.

Y'all have a lovely day,

Kristyn S.

P.S. I hope that this article has shed some light on what I do as a Day of Coordinator.

I truly love my work, and I am always looking for more couples to work with.

(If you or anyone you know has been affected by the Love Bug and wish to speak to a professional about wedding day coordination, please contact Y'alls Wedding immediately.)

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