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Creating a Wedding Registry When You Already Have a Crockpot

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Creating a wedding registry when you already have a full house can feel pointless, and even greedy; but, your guests expect to buy a gift and may be genuinely upset without a list of expensive kitchenware to get you.

What are you supposed to register for if you already have all the panini presses and waffle makers you can handle?

What Do You Really, Really Want?

Originally, the wedding registry was meant to help the happy new couple fill their happy new home.

If you already live with your spouse-to-be, or each of you lives alone and are intending to merge your homes, then you likely already have everything you technically *need*.

So, what do you *want* that people could get for you?

The classic answer is a honeymoon fund. This is a great 'registry' item, because it will leave you will memories rather than clutter.

My advice: If asking for honeymoon money, be specific.

Gifts are as much about giving as receiving, and it is more fun to give to "Our 3-Week Italian Getaway" than to "Our Honeymoon."

Plus, I believe people give more generously to trips they're a little envious of. ;)

In the vein of asking for money, you could always opt for your guests to give to a charitable cause in lieu of a gift.

This is a lovely idea, and if you are that generous, then I applaud you. However, I believe that this "gift" tends to fall flat on the giving end; your guests want to give something that will be part of your new life, not some strangers' lives.

Instead of donations, ask for something that will enable you and your new spouse to work for a charitable cause together. Perhaps use your gift money to take a week off and volunteer.

Give your time and create a memory, instead of having your guests buy good karma.

You may have noticed that the theme here is creating memories together.

If your house is full of what you need to live, then your wedding gifts should help you thrive.

Y'all could choose an expensive hobby that both of you have wanted to try, and then register for all of the equipment.

Your guests will love getting photos of you diving with the masks they bought you!

Or, you could register for all of the materials needed to renovate your home.

Paint is expensive, but painting together is a great way to test your new relationship. Use your registry as a To Do list to fix up your house for the next generation to come.

We live in a tech world. Anything you want to register for can be found on Amazon, and anything you want to do can be done with a device.

Use your registry to ask for those devices!

Dash cameras, security systems, smart home doo-dads, even game consoles all are acceptable registry items.

The Bottom Line: Fill the registry with what you actually want, and will actually use.

Remember, people give gifts because they love you, and they want their part in your life to bring you joy. If you register for things that spark joy, then your guests will be happy to buy them for you.

If you truly feel that you have everything, then just graciously accept the cash - or send it to me!

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