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Are Wedding Planners Worth It?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Short answer:


Long Answer:

It is always worth hiring a professional, when the job is really important.

Planning and executing your wedding are both definitely "really important."

Many couples want to remove the planner or coordinator line from their wedding budget. After all, it would save as much as ten percent of the total budget, and most weddings wind up going just fine anyway, right?

Well, sure, but do you really want "Just Fine" or "Most Weddings"?

Most weddings end up stressing out the couple so much that they are barely awake to enjoy the event or even taste the food.

Most weddings have some disaster, or several, which falls on the newlyweds to solve on the fly before the guests notice.

Have Your Wedding, and Enjoy It Too

Hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator means taking in your big day in peace, with your loved ones. It means soaking up the excitement and savoring your meal.

Pulling off a wedding is not easy. So, hire a professional to pull it all together for you.

A planner only adds 10% on average to the wedding budget, yet she handles at least 90% of the moving parts of the wedding day.

Professional Wedding Planners Have Priceless Experience

Whether you are hiring a full-service wedding designer, or have opted for a day of wedding coordinator, your planner will have worked with many couples to create many weddings.

Every couple, and every wedding, is unique. A planner who knows the local wedding vendors will have invaluable advice on whom to hire - and whom to avoid - for your specific needs.

Beyond vendors, your planner will have a wealth of information that they are happy to share.

Do you know where to get affordable wedding dresses nearby?

Do you know in what order your family should proceed down the aisle?

Do you know what size tablecloths an 8-person round table needs?

Your planner does.

Once you hire a wedding planner, you will have someone to answer all of your questions.

Y'alls wedding is arguably the most important event of your relationship.

It is a romantic, joyous, expensive experience that you do not want to miss, or mess up.

So, yes, it is worth some money to hire a professional wedding planner - whether full-service designer or day-of coordinator - to help ensure that your wedding day experience is as perfect and memorable as it can be.

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