Love Each Other

You've done the hard part: you've found the love of your life. Let me make marrying them the easy part.

I am a natural planner and list-maker; and I know that every detail counts. I will work to know you and your partner so that y'alls wedding day fits you both perfectly.

Wedding design and coordination is my passion; I love what I do. Let me show you how you can love your planner (almost) as much as you love your partner.

Love the Earth

Before I took up planning, I earned my degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Sustainability. I bring that knowledge with me into every wedding plan, because your big day doesn't have to have a big footprint. I'll advise you on reusable options, locally raised food & flowers, reducing energy use, and other responsible choices.

Love Your Planner

Contact me to set up a consultation. I am always happy to share advice and ideas to add detail to your vision.  I will be your go-to girl throughout your planning process. Then, I will create a Wedding Day Plan to organize your vision of the wedding you have always dreamed of - or never dreamed you could have. 

Kristyn Harrison
Founder & Creative Director

Nondiscrimination Clause:

Y'alls Wedding is happy to work with ANY people who are in love.

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